Naturist Boys Can Naturist Life Style Make Young People Become Exhibitionists?

Can naturist life style make young people become exhibitionists? - naturist boys

My sister is an avid naturalist, never wear clothes at home, and often go to beaches and villages with their twin daughters 10 years of naturism. I see nothing wrong with the nudist lifestyle, but a point that worries me is that his two young girls seem to become exhibitionists.

For example, in the summer, we invited a large group of friends to our house and my nieces spent the day sunbathing by the pool and run around naked for all to see, including age boys a little more. The girls were ashamed to be seen naked, and seemed not to care about everything about the big picture. Several times I have about the situation with my sister, but she just said everything was ok and if their daughters wanted to be nude in public is anybody's business.

I think my nieces are always exhibitionists and showing pleasure. Should I worry or just relax?


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